Muir of Inverey
The Famous 5 have another “Awesome” out and about weekend in the mountains.
Two nights at the Muir Hut Inveray with our new SCC friends in the Mar Lodge Estate.

Arriving late on Friday evening with a big pot of home made soup washed down with Beers and Whisky before early to bed .

An early rise on Saturday (6am ) and into the Cairngorms for what was to be a spectacular day ahead which began with a positive sighting of a Golden Eagle within the first half hour of our walk ! Just as we walked along the path in Glen Lui towards the Derry Lodge there she was up above with her unmistakable huge wide wings / end finger feathers spreading out as she turned in the air / wedge tail and thick long neck turning / looking for breakfast!

Onwards to our first Munro of the day passing through some spectacular Caledonian Pine woods as the snow starts to fall to start our climb.

Crampons were required to summit Carn a Mhaim and as we walk along the ridge towards Macdui we are rewarded with some great views of the Lairig Ghru / the Devils Point and also managing to point out the Corrour Bothy where we spent a night last year whilst bagging the 4 Munros on the opposite side of the valley / meeting a BBC film crew making the documentary “Bothy Life”

After a quick bite to eat for lunch and a little bit of first aid on Kennys swollen hand ( Mr Tumble) it was onwards and upwards to the main event of the day….”Ben Macdui” ! Closing in on the summit of Macdui the visibility was rapidly failing us so the Garmin GPS proved a valuable tool in guiding us directly & safely to the cairn and of course back off the summit once again / back down the back side of the mountain towards Loch Etchachan.

On our homeward journey we popped into the Corie Etchachan ( Hutchison memorial ) Bothy where we met two lively lads from Dalkeith drowning their failed attempt of Macdui with some Whisky and a “Varied” selection of music from the “in-bothy” Bluetooth speaker ! After a short rest / the swapping of hip flask contents and a selfie moment we moved on & down Glen Derry popping into the Bob Scott Bothy along the way back to the Muir Hut where we were welcomed home by your good-selves !

Andy wasted no time in getting out of his walking gear and into his pyjamas before we all finished the day off with some food,drink and chats about our latest experience in the Cairngorms!

All in all we had a fantastic weekend / a 22 mile / 13 hour round trip in the mountains! As a new group of 5 coming into the club we have all been made very welcome by the SCC and we look forward to many many more meets in the future!

Michael especially had a great time stating “It was a great day for a walk……if you were a Polar Bear” ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘

Meanwhile other groups were also busy: on Friday, Janice, Claire, Ian, George, and Stewart graham cycled to Derry Lodge walk to the Robber’s Copse and up Carn a Mhaim, returning by same route as quickly as possible to avoid Claire’s kids eating her out of home. On Saturday, Janice and Eric went to Glen Clunie and up Carn an Tuirc and Cairn of Claise whilst Donal and Alistair explored Glen Ey and Stewart, Ian and George cycled to Derry Lodge where Ian got distracted by pedally things and wandered off back down and round via Mar Lodge, while Stewart and George ascended Derry Cairngorm.

After all that, Everyone was content just to retreat home on the Sunday with an impressive haul of summits and glens.